Musicians & Poets

Tokio Myers 

Classical Pianist 

Yasmin Autwal 

Stand for Humanity 

Nina Fine 

Soul singer-songwriter 

The Dylema Collective 

Neo-Spoken Soul 

Matt Bray & John Armstrong 


Decosta Boyce 

R&B/Soul Singer 

Laura Misch 


Dire Pitan 

Soul Singer 


Folk Singer 



Visual Artists

Alyna Han 

“I have always admired the female body, this piece really allowed me to explore and understand the way of the female curves and see it in a new light. The culture in Thailand is for women to be petite, skinny and fair skinned – if you were the opposite you would immediately be told. By painting the sculptures in these colours I hope that their attitude to body image and consideration changes with the increase in globalization.”

Angela Wooi 

Tales from the ‘Pussy Bed’ is an interactive art installation by artist Angela Wooi. ‘Pussy Bed’ invites participants to come into the bed, relax, close your eyes and listen to a very short tale about a magical vagina.  The beds quilt comprises of over 200 magical fabric vulva, each one unique. 

The Profanity Embroidery Group 

PEG are a collective of artists based in Whitstable, Kent. The members, aged from 30-70, strive to express themselves through stitching and swearing. Their pieces, including the "Lady Garden Series", are an exploration of the stigma surrounding the female form and experience.

Studio Colbert 

A brightly-coloured, elaborately styled vulva form. An ode to women and the feminine. Traditionally the vulva has been portrayed through abstract renditions of women perpetuating an alien male gaze rather than a more playful self-gaze.

Candy Ward 

​Candy’s work focuses on the female form and explores her own relationship with her body. Her work around the body stemmed from her battle with an eating disorder and the exploration of that through clay. Her work aims to represent the female form and promote body positivity. Now studying an MA in Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths, Candy hopes to facilitate others in using art to realise and work through mental health challenges. 

Allie Lee 

"Life drawing is one of the best disciplines for keeping eye/hand coordination skills and I've always been fascinated by the beauty and strength in the female form. Historically, men painted female nudes that projected male desire, so it's empowering to express the reality of a woman's body from my own perspective."

Raksha Patel 

“I painted this in 1994 after reading an article about FGM in Amnesty International magazine. The article was so horrifying that I felt compelled to depict the trauma happening to young girl’s bodies in the name of culture and wanted to raise awareness. It’s a reminder of the pain that hundreds of women have to endure. People need to be aware that FGM happens; it’s not a practice of the past and continues to scar women’s lives.”

Kezia Webborn

 “My work aims to subvert the plethora of images of the female form by male artists. These familiar depictions of women in art portray their bodies as passive objects that cling to societies ever-changing beauty ideals. In my work I aim to detach from these ideals and instead explore the relationship women have with their own bodies as well as each others. When seeing my work, I want people to recognise the significance of their connection to the women that they know and perhaps in turn it will encourage a support for the women that they don’t.”

Akhran Girmay

The focus of Akhran's work shifts between themes of fiction and studies of the natural world and psychology

Florence Hurd 

Drawing inspiration from people and their interactions with inanimate objects, Florence works in photography/illustration.

Hugo Lloyd-Winder

Hugo creates illustrations, paintings and films. The journey of creating art is a journey to find meaning.

Lucy Bradley 

Lucy work explores themes of eroticism through a variety of mediums, creating juxtapositions between violence and violation and inviting a space where eroticism and purity can sit together in harmony. 


Quetzal Maucci

Quetzal acts as our in-house photographer. Through her photography and writing, Quetzal focuses on telling stories and giving a voice to issues that have been suppressed or untold.

Emily Garthwaite 

Emily is a London based photojournalist and street photographer with a focus on humanitarian and environmental stories. She recently co-directed her first documentary in Iraq on Arba’een, the world's largest annual pilgrimage.