We are The Vavengers. We listen, we support and we take action. We educate, collaborate, aid and empower. We are a network of communities standing with and for every woman affected by Female Genital Mutilation, and we will help end it together.

The Vavengers are a UK-based FGM charity led by FGM survivors. Through the guidance of these survivors, we have grown to understand that Female Genital Mutilation isn’t just a singular event; it is part of a greater cycle of oppression with devastating, life-long physical and psychological consequences. Ending FGM and supporting those affected requires the energy of women and men of all communities. The Vavengers exist to bring these communities together, using the arts to speak what is often unspeakable and transform singular experiences into shared action. With the continued direction of survivors, and working directly with those on the front line, we ensure that all projects and funding we receive are directed to where it is needed most, and we will continue to do so.until Female Genital Mutilation is eradicated.



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