We are The Vavengers. We listen, we support and we take action. We educate, collaborate, aid and empower. We are a network of communities standing with and for every woman affected by Female Genital Mutilation, and we will help end it together.

The Vavengers are a UK-based FGM charity led by FGM survivors. Through the guidance of these survivors, we have grown to understand that Female Genital Mutilation isn’t just a singular event; it is part of a greater cycle of oppression with devastating, life-long physical and psychological consequences. Ending FGM and supporting those affected requires the energy of women and men of all communities. The Vavengers exist to bring these communities together,  transforming singular experiences into shared action. With the continued direction of survivors, and working directly with those on the front line, we ensure that all projects and funding we receive are directed to where it is needed most, and we will continue to do so until Female Genital Mutilation is eradicated.

The diaspora communities we work with often sit at the intersection of forced migration, Gender-Based Violence and health inequalities here in the UK because of their race/gender and legal status.Our community projects, advocacy work, and campaigning aim to empower our beneficiaries to understand their rights and the services available to them, whilst also creating high level awareness and understanding of the gaps in healthcare and education for the most marginalised groups living in the United Kingdom.



Our awareness work seeks to address the silence around FGM/C in the practicing and non practicing communities whilst raising consciousness  around the root of Violence Agains't Women & Girls (VAWG)

Community Projects 

Our community projects are run by Community Ambassadors with lived experience and years of expertise. The Vavengers facilitate funding and partnerships for the projects run by our Community Ambassadors. Ensuring the community and their needs are at the centre of our focus.

Our Ethos/Values 

The Vavengers is a matriarchal eco-system, we are reimagining the ways traditional offices and companies have been run. We are moving away from the shame and guilt culture that has perpetuated the working environment for far too long. The mental wellbeing of our team sits at the centre of our efforts. 


An online advocacy campaign to raise awareness about health inequalities here in the Uk. 

Released March 2021 

Download our campaign tool kit HERE to access the videos and infographics. 


A Peckham based project in partnership with 'Keep The Drum Lose The Knife' to support survivors of Domestic Abuse, FGM/C and meet the needs of undocumented beneficiaries. 

Download our referrals and support booklet HERE


Created in November 2019 this document outlines our approach to tackling FGM/C and Violence Agains't Women and Girls more widely. 


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