The Vavengers

Who We Are

The Vavengers (‘Vagina Avengers’) are an organisation started in 2015, made up of people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, genders and nationalities working together and putting on events towards a common goal: To End FGM. All of the proceeds from our events go directly to the charities we work with. Our fundraising is all survivor led, meaning we work with survivors of FGM to get advice on where the funds raised should go. 

With the money raised at the first Vavengers event the UK’s first ever billboard against FGM was erected, this included a helpline for women and girls at risk. In 2017 The Vavengers relaunched with the goal to give emerging and established artists a place to perform, we held our second event in Amy Winehouse's living room in Camden. 

Our Mission 

Our aim is to engage those within our social spheres; using art as a vehicle for change. We want to give emerging artists a platform to share their talent whilst also making a positive impact by using  money from ticket sales to help combat FGM. The Vavengers put on a range of events from music and poetry evenings to exhibitions and plays. 

Art to educate, Art to heal, Art to prevent. 

The Vavengers collaborate with artists to think creatively about how we may stop violence against women and girls. Along side raising awareness, we raise funds for organisations working on the front line, in the more severely affected communities. 

By commissioning artists to create pieces around FGM and gender based violence we also invite them to run workshops with the general public in the  hope to bridge the gap between those who have been subjected to the worst forms of abuse and those who have the skills to help women and girls reclaim their voices. 

The arts are our weapon and our bridge to reaching the most vulnerable members of society who have endured the most horrific acts of violence against them purely because of their gender. 

 The Vavengers believe we MUST engage and inspire creative communities and the general public, men and women alike to break the cycle of oppression.  

Meet The Team

Hoda Ali & Mabel Evans 


Hugo Lloyd-Winder 

Creative Director  (Visual Artist) 

Florence Hurd 

Creative Producer (Illustrator) 

Emmerson Permaul Baker 

Stage Manager (Carpenter) 

Angharad George-Carey 

Artists Liaisons  (Actor) 

Farzad Marand 

Front of house  (Musician) 

Rosie Murfin 

Social Media manager 

Matthew Maude 

Head of content (Award-winning film maker) 

Soraya Ali 

Communications Manager (Broadcast journalist) 


Hoda Ali 

Hoda is a survivor of FGM who voices the pain, comforts the victims and campaigns to protect the girls. Hoda trusts in life and the future and gives hope to FGM survivors. She works tirelessly campaigning for women's rights globally. 

Leyla Hussein 

Leyla Hussein has been at the forefront of the campaign to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and to ensure support for women and girls affected by it for over 15 years. Her ground-breaking work to provide specialist counselling support for survivors resulted in The Dahlia Project.

Check out our event on October 28th in North London; The Vavengers present Volume II 

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