As an anti- FGM charity, the arts are our greatest resource. Art allows us to speak the unspeakable and explain the unexplainable. It is both powerful and empowering. It is capable of dismantling the hardest of subjects, bridging links between differing ideas and communities, and creating shared experiences and new understanding. It is therefore the perfect vessel for bringing the under-represented and highly difficult subject of female genital mutilation before a mainstream UK audience in new and powerful ways. The Vavengers are the only FGM charity to use the arts like this. From vibrant exhibitions and workshops to powerful photographic campaigns and dedicated networking and panel events, our survivor-led projects are designed to amplify important voices against female genital mutilation that would otherwise remain unheard. With the support of our sponsors and passionate collaborators, the result is a series of projects and partnerships capable of engaging mainstream media and broadcasting the stories of survivors beyond their communities. Individuals and organisations are united, because it’s only together that we can
end FGM.


Hoda Ali & Mabel Evans 


Georgina Stewart Fleming 

Community project manager 

Katie Hurd

Project developer & researcher

Megan Barcley

Social media and & Graphic designer 

Soraya Ali 

Communications manager 

Olivia Compton 

Project Developer